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Good quality Coffee Bean Color Sorter for sales
Good quality Coffee Bean Color Sorter for sales
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china latest news about Xiamen Stone Fair

Xiamen Stone Fair

[2019-04-23 10:12:51]
Bringing sensor-based sorting in mining to a new level ZHONGKE Sorting’s mining team will be attending 19TH CHINA XIAMEN INTERNATIONAL STONE FAIR, in Xiamen, Fujian, China, March6-9,2019. Zhongke Sorting’s mining experts will e available at Stand W069 to explain the key advantages sensor-based ... Read More
china latest news about Ore sorter

Ore sorter

[2019-02-25 21:16:08]
Color sorter, a word that many people are not familiar with, however, it plays a vital role in many industries. Looking at the history of the development of color sorting machines, it is also a history of the continuous growth of China's science and technology and independent innovation. From ... Read More
china latest news about Annual meeting celebration

Annual meeting celebration

[2019-02-03 18:44:38]
In order to welcome Chinese new year,on the night of Jan.31,2019.Zhongke color sorter held a wonderful evening party. We are on holidays from Feb.1 to Feb.11. Read More
china latest news about How to choose ore optical sorting machine?

How to choose ore optical sorting machine?

[2019-01-18 23:06:50]
The optical sorting machine, also known as the color sorting machine, is a high-tech product integrating light, machine and electricity through the use of high-resolution sensors to separate out-color individuals from a large number of bulk materials. Optical sorting machine has been widely used in ... Read More
china latest news about Optical sorter for millet

Optical sorter for millet

[2019-01-17 19:31:16]
In Taian City, Shandong Province, there is a food entrepreneur named Li Jie who is calm and determined, but in a matter of special "feelings", even outsiders seem even crazy, that is - buyZhongke Color sorter, the total number of purchases has reached 26! This rice factory is called "TAIAN SHELLEY ... Read More
china latest news about Principles of color sorter

Principles of color sorter

[2015-10-25 22:25:19]
Color sorting is a sorting technology of any bulk materials based on the product analysis by color .Recently this technology has been recognized by many China manufacturers. Principle of separating by color was developed already in the middle of the past century,while the first color sorter was ... Read More
china latest news about optical system

optical system

[2016-11-24 16:29:40]
2.3 0ptical System-Observation Cabinet It is the device for detecting and sorting material which composes of lamps, background adjustment apparatus, CCD camera and dust wiper. Observe selected material on its flowing point by various cameras, then reflect the material signals to processing system ... Read More
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