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lentil color sorter machine,processing machine for pulses

lentil color sorter machine,processing machine for pulses

    • lentil color sorter machine,processing machine for pulses
    • lentil color sorter machine,processing machine for pulses
    • lentil color sorter machine,processing machine for pulses
  • lentil color sorter machine,processing machine for pulses

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: China
    Certification: CE,3C,ISO9001,IS014001

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1
    Price: 16000-250000USD
    Packaging Details: Vacuum packing and Wooden case
    Delivery Time: 10 days
    Payment Terms: TT, D/P, D/A, Western Union, MoneyGram
    Supply Ability: 5000 sets per year
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    Detailed Product Description
    Application: Sorting Pules Sorting Accuracy: 99.99% Depends On Impurity Level
    Camera: Colorful Camera,5400 Pixels Camera Sensor: Toshiba Sensor From Japan
    Filter: SMC From Japan FPGA: ALTERA From USA, SAMSUNG Chip From Korea
    Aftersale Service: Engineers Available To Service Overseas Warranty: One Year

    Once legumes have been harvested and precautions taken to ensure safe storage, processing is conducted before they are shipped and ultimately fid their way onto grocery shelves and dinner tables.

    The processing of dry peas, lentils, and chickpeas is a specialized and important part of the production process and is designed to ensure a consistent, high-quality product. This has led to the establishment of standards meant to guide producers, processors, and vendors around theworld.

    Compliance with these standards is achieved by subjecting the legume seeds to an elaborate series of cleaners, separators, splitters, dryers, polishers, graders, and color sorters. The goal is to provide food manufacturers and their consumers with top-quality dry peas, lentils, and chickpeas
    every time a purchase is made.Having passed through processing, the seeds proceed to packaging, which helps ensure that a wholesome product is delivered to the distributor and, ultimately, to the consumer. Overseas shipments are normally packaged in large 100- pound polypropylene or jute sacks for easy bulk
    handling. Almost any combination of grade and package is available from processing plants


    Color Sorting Solutions for Lentil

    Setting standards in pulses processing

    The ZL range of optical sorters is ideal for pulses processors who sort a variety of lentils, and those that demand the highest in quality. It is ideal for small and large-scale processing and offers processors the highest quality of pulses through precision sorting.

    ZL optical sorters are equipped with the latest in technological advances and intelligent features. It can effectively remove defects and foreign materials such as chalky lentils, discoloration, unwanted lentils, sticks and stones, leaving processors with a clean, safe and quality finish sort.



    A,whole and split beans:Our Color Sorter effectively remove subtle discolouration and challenging close color defects such as brown,yellow,chalky ,green and skin spots,delivering premium final product.


    B,the complete beans:Designed for flexibility,Our color sorter are capable of sorting multiple varieties of whole pulses at varying capacity requirements to match a customer's end product requirements.The machine can efficiently remove discoloured,splits ,spots and foreign material such as stones,sticks and mud balls.

    optical sorting technology for Multi types Beans Color Sorter,Pulses Color Sorter

    Color Sorting sample

    lentil color sorter machine,processing machine for pulses lentil color sorter machine,processing machine for pulses

    Reject: Light brown & dark discolouration.


    lentil color sorter machine,processing machine for pulses lentil color sorter machine,processing machine for pulses

    Reject: Unwanted foreign lentils and discolourations.

    Beans color sorter specification

    1 Channels 64-1024
    2 Production capacity (rice), tons per hour, min * 8
    3 Cleanness coef., %, min * 99,5
    4 CCD-matrix resolution (per chute), pixel 2048
    5 Power voltage, V 220±5%
    6 Power line frequency, Hz 50±1
    7 Nominal power, kW 0,8
    8 Air pressure, MPa 0,6
    9 Air consumption for the technical process, m3/h, max 130
    10 Environment temperature, °С from 5 to 40
    11 Relative air humidity at 25 °С, % from 20 to 80
    12 Air consumption for aspiration, m3/h, max 1800
    13 Dimensions, mm, max: length 1488
      width 1500
      height 1980
    14 Weight, kg, max 600
    15 Electric shock protection class I
    16 IP of the electric equipment IP54
    17 Service life, years 20
    18 Period of storing, years, max 2
    19 Operational life, h 160000
    20 Noise level at the workplace, dBA, max 80
    21 Workplace level of vibration acceleration corrected by frequency, dB, max 100


    How does the color sorter machine work?lentil color sorter machine,processing machine for pulses

    Standard procedure of sorter’s operation can be described as follows.


    Input product is loaded in the sorter via in-feed hopper.With the help of vibration the material flows along the chute to the distribution channels.Then the product gets into the inspection zone,where it is checked by the high-tech sensors or CCD-cameras.Cameras ,having received the reflected light from the selected material,generate electric signal for computer operating system.


    Depending on the signals received from the optical system,the computer control system sends the command to open the pneumatic valve(the ejector)which blows away grains different in color.The good product directly flows into the goods product hopper.The reject is blown off to the discharging hopper.



    Most of the sorters have the re-pass option ensuring more accurate sorting of the grain and minimizing losses of the good product.



    ZL series RGB color sorter advantage

    1,1 to 16 chutes

    To meet and satisfy any production capacities.

    2,Ultimate full color RGB camera

    Front and rear optical system, composed by 4096 pixel RGB full color cameras, allows to identify any defect at 360°perspective

    with a resolution of 0.1mm.

    Defect size can also be controlled and adjusted according to needs.

    3,Shape size sorting integrated into the system

    size color sorting

    Size: Under and over sized objects for greater value

    Shape: Misshapen product and foreign material of the same color

    Color: Color defects by individual or combined defect area

    4,LED-lightning system

    Exclusively designed , LED lighting system allows the most precise focusing of the beam on the inspection line.

    5,User friendly setting with image acquisition
    Program setting and adjustment are performed through a user–friendly software which allows the acquisition of the product image to easily establish the defective elements to sort out.

    lentil color sorter machine,processing machine for pulses

    6,Reliable electronics hardware

    The hardware is organized in easily replaceable electronic boards,

    using the ultimate FPGA technology;

    Self-control functions, such as auto-diagnosis and auto-calibration are standard on any sorters;

    Back-up of the operating software by USB on board.

    The high speed signal elaboration and communication to expulsion system allows an excellent performance.

    ALTERA company's high-speed FPGA processing from USA

    SAMSUNG chip from South Korea

    TOSHIBA camera sensor from Japan

    SMC air filter from Japan

    Schneider air switch and button switch from France

    Mean Well power supply from Taiwan

    MATRIX ejector from Italy(optical)

    lentil color sorter machine,processing machine for pulses


    lentil sorting


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