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optical ore sorter,mineral color sorting machine

optical ore sorter,mineral color sorting machine

    • optical ore sorter,mineral color sorting machine
    • optical ore sorter,mineral color sorting machine
    • optical ore sorter,mineral color sorting machine
    • optical ore sorter,mineral color sorting machine
  • optical ore sorter,mineral color sorting machine

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: Hefei,China
    Certification: CE,ISO9001,ISO18001,ISO14001
    Model Number: KS-1280

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1
    Packaging Details: Vacuum packing and Wooden case
    Delivery Time: 30 days when receive down payment
    Payment Terms: TT/, D/P, Western Union
    Supply Ability: 5000 sets per year
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    Detailed Product Description
    Sorting Application: Mineral Structure: Special Design For Mineral
    Sorting Accuracy: 99%

    What is ore sorting ?

    Ore sorting is the separation of a target mineralogy, ore or element from waste at an individual particle level

    from waste at an individual particle level.


    The ore is sorted to remove waste and improve the efficiency and capacity of processing plant while increasing the grade.


    Ore sorting is….
    ✓ Accurate > high recovery
    ✓ Fast > upto 5,000 particle per sec = high tonnage
    ✓ Mature and proven technology
    ✓ Removes the variability in the plant feed



    Mineral Sorting Machine

    Zhongke has been developing and manufacturing optical sorting machinery for a wide range tasks.Zhongke mineral sorters are among the highest-capacity color sorters worldwide.The various sorters separate materials ranging from the size of a pin head to the size of a soccer ball.

    For the different sizes and characteristics of material particle,  mineral color sorter machine use the solenoid valve of different sizes.

    In recent years, Our sorting systems have proven their effectiveness in sorting minerals in many varying applications. We sort raw materials using color,brightness and shape and cost effectively replace size reduction and hand sorting as means of upgrading run of mine product.

    The better utilization of the raw material leads to increased product quality and reduced treatment costs achieving economic and ecological advantages.

    From the mineral experience in the field,Zhongke has evolved an entire family of reliable sorters operating in the particle range of 120mesh-100 mm with throughput rates of 5-150 t/h.


    Benefits of Ore Sorting Machine

    • Increase the head grades

    • Decrease milling costs based on metal in concentrate production

    • Increase in-situ value of deposit

    • Reduce energy consumption

    • Increase efficiency of water use

    • Reduce amount of fine tailing

    Sensor-based ore sorting solutions remove waste from the ore feed in your crushing and grinding circuit, increasing productivity and significantly reducing energy and water consumption. This is vital at a time when declining ore grades -coupled with high energy and production costs, water shortages,and stricter environmental regulations – are creating increased pressure on the mining industry

    Sorting solutions add value throughout your mining process

    1) Increase minable tons

    Sensor-based ore sorting rejects waste rocks from run-of-mine ore. This enables mining with a lower cutoff grade, which means beneficiation of more diluted ore with lower ore loss in mining.

    2) Decrease haulage costs

    Sensor-based ore sorting reduces ore transportation costs per ton of produced metal when a sorting plant is installed at the mine.

    3) Reclaim old waste dumps

    Many waste and mine-development dumps are marginal reserves. These can be upgraded to ore-grade material and converted to cleaner waste material by using sensor based ore sorting

    4) Divert ore types

    Our sorters allow you to separate ore types based on their characteristics. Treating different ores separately can increase recovery and concentrate grades.

    5) Increase productivity

    Boost concentrate production by replacing rejected waste with higher-grade feed ore to the mill.

    6) Reduce energy consumption

    Waste rejection before the mill reduces your energy consumption and carbon emissions per ton of produced metal in concentrate

    7) Reduce water consumption

    Using sensor-based ore sorting technology reduces your water consumption per ton of produced metal in concentrate.

    8) Reduce mass of fie final tailing

    Rejecting waste from ore at an early stage in the processing circuit allows the mass of fie final tailing to be reduced, which in turn reduces the space required for tailing storage and the related costs per ton of produced metal in concentrate.

    9)Access additional sources of revenue

    Once separated, coarse waste can be sold as aggregate to local markets, offering an additional source of revenue.


    Sensor-based sorting :basic principles

    Sorting is used at mine sites to separate waste from ore. The rejected waste rock can be sold as aggregate to local markets. Sensor-based ore sorting consists of the following sub-processes:

    1,Material preparation

    Particles are crushed and screened for applicable size,typically in the range 20–150 mm, with a maximum to minimum size ratio of 1:3.

    2,Material presentation

    Individual particles need to be presented to the sensor system. Typically, this is done using vibrating feeders followed by a chute or fast-moving conveyor belt.

    3,Sensor detection

    Sensors are essentially divided into two different system types:

    • Reflection systems including technologies such as optical cameras that identify particles based on surface properties.

    • Transmission systems such as X-ray transmission that detect particles based on density differences.

    4,Data processing

    The data received from the sensor system needs to be processed in real time. Data processing makes the“yes or no” ejection decision for each particle.

    5,Physical separation
    After decision-making the particle to be separated is selectively ejected by air jets that push the particle out of the main stream.



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