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RC8-64X coffee bean optical sorting machine

RC8-64X coffee bean optical sorting machine

    • RC8-64X coffee bean optical sorting machine
    • RC8-64X coffee bean optical sorting machine
    • RC8-64X coffee bean optical sorting machine
    • RC8-64X coffee bean optical sorting machine
  • RC8-64X coffee bean optical sorting machine

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: Hefei,China
    Certification: CE,3C,COC,ISO9001,ISO14001,ISO18001
    Model Number: RC8-64X

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1
    Packaging Details: Vacuum packing and wooden case
    Delivery Time: 10 days
    Payment Terms: TT, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
    Supply Ability: 5000
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    Detailed Product Description
    Application, Product Type:: CCD Color Sorter Of Food Products Product Types:: Coffee Bean Optical Sorting Machine
    Capacity (coffee), Tons /hour , Up To:: 6.0-8.0 Tons Per Hour Chute Width: 300mm
    Number Of Ejectors: 640 Detection Type (defect Identification):: Sorting By 1) Color 2) Size
    Air Consumption: 1800-3600(L/MIN) Power: 3.5kw

     Coffee  bean optical sorting machine

    Cleaning and sorting

    Most fine coffee goes through a battery of machines that sort the coffee by density of bean and by bean size, all the while removing sticks, rocks, nails, and miscellaneous debris that may have become mixed with the coffee during drying. First machines blow the beans into the air; those that fall into bins closest to the air source are heaviest and biggest; the lightest (and likely defective) beans plus chaff are blown in the farthest bin. Other machines shake the beans through a series of sieves, sorting them by size. Finally, a machine called a gravity separator shakes the sized beans on a tilted table, so that the heaviest, densest and best vibrate to one side of the pulsating table, and the lightest to the other.

    sorting coffee

    Ethiopian women sort coffee beans at a long table.

    The final step in the cleaning and sorting procedure is called coffee bean optical sorting machine, or separating defective beans from sound beans on the basis of color rather than density or size. Color sorting is the trickiest and perhaps most important of all the steps in sorting and cleaning. With most high-quality coffees color sorting is done in the simplest possible way: by hand. Teams of workers pick discolored and other defective beans from the sound beans. The very best coffees may be hand-cleaned twice (double picked) or even three times (triple picked). Coffee that has been cleaned by hand is usually called European preparation; most specialty coffees have been cleaned and sorted in this way.

    Color sorting can also be done by machines. Streams of beans fall rapidly, one at a time, past sensors that are set according to parameters that identify defective beans by value (dark to light) or by color. A tiny, decisive puff of compressed air pops each defective bean out of the stream of sound beans the instant the machine detects an anomaly. However, these machines are currently not used widely in the coffee industry for two reasons. First, the capital investment to install these delicate machines and the technical support to maintain them is daunting. Second, sorting coffee by hand supplies much-needed work for the small rural communities that often cluster around coffee mills. Nevertheless, computerized color sorters are essential to coffee industries in regions with relatively high standards of living and high wage demands.



        optical sorting for coffee








    Zhongke comprehensive product portfolio has been carefully developed to offer processors the best solutions for conventional and challenging sorting applications. The RC range has four technology variants, each designed in different levels for defect detection.


    Subtle colour sorting
    multiple visible wavelengths (for example: red, green and blue) .This can detect the subtlest colour variations of coffee beans


    Superior colour sorting
    two visible wavelengths (in this example: red and green).
    This can detect not only light and dark defects but also other colour variations.


    Simultaneous light and dark sorting

    uses two visible wavelengths independently (in this example: red and green).
    This is for detecting both light and dark defects simultaneously.


    Independent light or dark sorting
    The standard RGB color sorter uses one visible wavelength (in this example: either red or green).This is best suited for mainstream colour sorting applications which include removing light or dark defects.



    CCD color sorters is ideal for sorting Arabica coffee beans, removing a variety of defects to increase product quality and safety.By incorporating the latest technological advances, defects such as sticks, stones, odd colors beans and other foreign seeds can be removed effectively and efficiently.

    sortex machine for coffee


    For primary defects, we have a very high efficiency in eliminating serious defects or completely stained grains (black and red)

    coffee optical sorting machine

    Coffee Beans Optical Sorting Machine 

    Color sorter model RC-1 RC-2 RC-3 RC-4 RC-5 RC-6 RC-7 RC-8 RC-10 RC-12
    Channels 64 128 192 256 320 384 448 512 640 768
    Production Capacity(t/h) 0.5-3 1.0-4.0 2.0-6.0 3.0-8.0 5.0-10 6.0-12.0 7.0-17.0 8.0-20.0 10.0-25.0 12.0-30.0

    Remark:We have many models from 1 chute to 16 chutes for option to meet any different production capacity.The exact production capacity may change due to different impurity level.


    Coffee bean optical sorting machine performance on YouTube



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    coffee color sorter machine


    RC8-64X coffee bean optical sorting machine



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