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China Mielie(Mealie) Meal Processing Equipment in South Africa

China Mielie(Mealie) Meal Processing Equipment in South Africa

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Mielie(Mealie) Meal Processing Equipment in South Africa In troduction:

Mielie meal or mielie pap is a relatively coarse flour (much coarser than corn flour ) made from maiz which is known as mielies or mealies in southern Africa, from the Portuguese milho . The Portuguese had originally brought corn from the Americas to Africa.

The machine can be used the diesel power. The small milling machine are producing in the workshop. Those are semi-finished machines. You can see clearly about the belt pulley, belt, main bearing etc. Our factory has been committed to the development and manufacture of food processing machinery and flour equipment, has produced China's first roller mill, the first succedssful development of bimetallic composite centrifugal mill rolls, responsible for preparing the industry standards draft of the country's milling machine and roll.


China Mielie(Mealie) Meal Processing Equipment in South Africa


Cleaning and Conditioning Section:

Cleaning and conditioning of the maize is an important step in the process and refers to the removal of foreign material and all that is not maize kernels from the to-be milled grain that lowers the quality of the product such as husk, straw, dust, sand, everything too big and too small and lighter than a maize kernel. It also refers to the removal of poisonous seeds, and material harmful to the milling equipment such as metal and stones. Conditioning refers to the addition of moisture to the maize to allow the bran to be peeled off in flakes during milling with plate or roller mills, allowing easy separation in a sifter and, most importantly to add mass to the meal.

Milling and Sifting Section:

Following this process, milling can commence and may take several forms:

1. We usually adopt the roller mill to grinding the grain ,the roller mill has Single roller mill, Double roller mill and Pneumatic roller mill, the mill adopt the grinding roller to work. In a complete maize milling plant, there are several Roller Mill to work together, they have different functions, the first mill mainly peeling the maize skin, the second and third will grinding the maize into granular size, and meanwhile to get some super fine flour,and the granular sized product will go to the next mill to continue grinding.

2.While grinding time, we use double bin sifteror square plan sifter to sift the meal from the miller,classification and sifting more super flour.In general,the sifting used to separate the flour and bran, also separate large size and small size to enssure flour quality.

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