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Innovative and reliable technology for impressive performances

Innovative and reliable technology for impressive performances

Innovative and reliable technology for impressive performances

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In any industrial sorting application for the classification of bulk materials by colour, shape or size, both in case of production lines processing or recycling, the key-features of an high performance system are the speed and precision of the sorting process, other than its reliability. For the enduser, the benefits of such features translates in an increased and maintenance-free productivity. In order to match the top-notch requirements of these applications, MATRIX developed a new generation of innovative technical solutions capable to satisfy even the highest demands in terms of performance and quality standards. These new products combine extremely short response times and very long maintenance-free operating life in compact designs. Available in a multitude of configurations ranging from single and multiple small-footprint valves up to complete manifold assemblies and customer-specific solutions, these products are suitable for any sorting or recycling system for the ejection of contaminants, impurities, out-of-specification parts and mixed parts separation in different industrial environments (food, chemicals, plastics, mining, waste management, glass and plastic recycling, etc.).

Matrix’s proven technology is characterized by highly innovative working principles offering uppergrade performances, reliability and flexible solutions. The absence of internal friction that combined with the reduction of the moving masses, as well as the introduction of high energetic efficiency materials, allows extremely short response times and increased precision and repetitiveness with low power consumption, while the modular architecture with the integration of several shutters in a single compact body permits a sensible reduction of the installation time and an overall optimization of the pneumatic system design.

Innovative and reliable technology for impressive performances

A wide range of ready to use products, as well as the highest skills and technical knowledge focused on the development of reliable customer specific solutions for air ejection systems, all characterized by: - Compact dimensions and light weight - Low power consumption values - Reduced installation times - Individual or multiplex configurations - Opening / closing response times down to 1 ms (100% flow rate for precise and powerful ejection) - Up to 500.000.000 cycles without performance loss (maintenance-free) - Variable flow rates and configurations for improved flexibility - Preassembled and 100% tested manifold units for air ejection with up to 300 outlets - Distance between the outlets of the manifold starting from 6mm - Twin manifold versions (GMT) with adjustable vertical off-sets and minimum pitch of 3 mm


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