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Application of ore color sorter in calcium carbonate

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Good quality Infrared Optical Sorting Machine for sales
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Application of ore color sorter in calcium carbonate
Application of ore color sorter in calcium carbonate


Kaolin, mica, quartz, and calcium carbonate are known as the four major non-metallic minerals in China.

Calcium carbonate, one of the four non-metallic minerals, is widely used in coatings, inks, plastics, rubber, paper, cosmetics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and beverages. Calcium carbonate is used in printing inks and sealing waxes, and is mostly used for filling and reducing the cost and volume.

In the coating, calcium carbonate can be used as a white pigment to serve as a skeleton pigment. Since calcium carbonate is white, the solvent is cheap in the coating, the solvent is cheap, and the particles are fine and can be uniformly dispersed in the coating, so it is a bulk pigment used.

Printing ink
In the ink industry, stearic acid modified calcium carbonate is used. The prepared ink has good viscosity, good printing performance and high stability. The fine particles are easily compatible with other raw materials, so the printing is smooth. The outlet is complete, the hiding power is strong, and the gloss is high. Heavy calcium acts as a filler to increase the gloss and brightness of the ink.

Calcium carbonate is one of the earliest and most used fillers in the rubber industry. Heavy calcium is filled in a large amount of rubber products, which not only increases the volume of the product, but also saves expensive natural rubber or synthetic rubber, thereby reducing the cost and improving the processing performance.

With the development of science and technology, the production of calcium carbonate will increase relatively, and the application of calcium carbonate will be more extensive. In many application fields, the requirements for the quality of calcium carbonate continue to increase, and producers are beginning to seek deep processing of calcium carbonate partners. The entry of the ore color sorter has brought a shocking change to the calcium carbonate market. The purification technology is mature, and the optional particle size range is large. The number of meshes is optional: 4-120 mesh, the output is high, the ratio is small, and the time is saved. Production is stable, and many product advantages are widely recognized in the industry. We pay great attention to product quality, so we use good materials to produce good products regardless of cost. The main accessories are all internationally renowned brands.

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