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basic operation for color sorter

Good quality Infrared Optical Sorting Machine for sales
Good quality Infrared Optical Sorting Machine for sales
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basic operation for color sorter

Basic Operation
After the machine successful launched, the touch panel will be shown as Diagram 4-3, Customercoulddothesettinginthispage.
basic operation for color sorter

 SortingScheme Setting As shown in above Diagram 4-3, Click “Select Scheme” to enter the interface of scheme
Customer could do the selection to finalize the setting. The scheme will be shown in homepageafterconfirmation
 FeedSet

basic operation for color sorter
It is the Setting of feeders ,and each of them can be independently, the value number varies from0to100,withincreasingthevalue,increasingthecapacity.AsshowninDiagram4-5.
Remarks:Feedshouldbesetbasedontheimpuritydegreeofrawmaterialandrequired sortingaccuracy.
TestEjector You can click “Test Ejector” button diagram 5-3 to enter this page as shown in diagram 4-6. This functionis usedto checkif the ejectors canwork normally, the machine check from the beginning ejector set and check one by one till the end. The user can also choose “Keep testing single”, the system will keep on checking eht current ejector chosen. During checking theusercanclick“stop”tostopthechecking.

basic operation for color sorter
 SetSens Youcanclick“SetSens”indiagram4-3toentersetsenspage asshowndiagram5-7 ,setsenssettingisusedtosetthesortingaccuracy. Remark: the sorting accuracy separately by first front, front rear, and second front, secondrear.

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