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Color sorter installation

Good quality Infrared Optical Sorting Machine for sales
Good quality Infrared Optical Sorting Machine for sales
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Color sorter installation

Color Sorter Installation Cautions


1.3.1 Machine Installation Cautions

Warning---For human and machine safety consideration, please follow the instructions below


  1. Lifting work should be carried out by professionals, and others not involved in this work should leave the site.

2. Make sure that vibrators and hopper have been taken off from the machine before lifting. It is prohibited to lift the machine with vibrators on.

3. The machine weighs 1330kg ( DM7 is 1280Kg, DM3 is 740Kg), please use elevator that could bear this weight. Be careful when lifting;

4. Please locate the machine on solid platform, and lock all feet to make sure the machine is level and stable.

5. No vibration on the ground and no electromagnetic interference on installation site.

6. Protect the chutes and touch panel from sparks of welding when installing the machine.the machine is level and stable.

1.3.2 Electrical Installation Cautions

Warning----For human and machine safety consideration, please comply with the following direction strictly:

1. Main machine and its accessories must be well earthed to the ground.

2. A standard air switch should be installed at the inlet of power supply wires, and make sure that this air switch is connected to the color sorter only.

3. Employ professional technician for wiring of all equipment by using standard electric wire.




1.4 Operation Cautions

Notice----In order to maintain a good working performance, please follow the

instructions below strictly:

1. Use soft cloth only when cleaning the chute to prevent scratches.

2. Do not blow directly to ejector nozzle when cleaning the observation cabinet.

3. Touch panel is fragile, press gently. Do not let sharp object contact it.

4. Quit from the operation system properly before switching off the machine or shut off the

power supply. Abrupt shut off under working condition is highly prohibited.

5. Please follow the operational manual when adjust any parameters. Corresponding tips will

appear when the parameters which will affect the machine working status.











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