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color sorter installation caution

Good quality Infrared Optical Sorting Machine for sales
Good quality Infrared Optical Sorting Machine for sales
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color sorter installation caution
  1. Installation Cautions
    The machine should be installed on a horizontal plane, and no anchor bolts need to be buried.
    Color sorters must have a good grounding, with the bar at the grounding terminal to get into the ground for at least 50 cm.
    Installation should be made in well-ventilated places rather than places of low or high temperature, or with high humidity or many particulate matters. No ground shaking should occur at installation places. It is suggested to install the device at a place at the last sorting step, namely after polishers or fine grinders, so as to ensure best sorting results.
    Pay attention to prevent electromagnetic interference on the scene or in the vicinity, such as from electric welders or high frequency transmitters.
    Static interference from nearby static sources should be avoided. For this reason, the feed pipes and exhaust tubes used by customers must be made of iron, rather than plastics or other non-metallic materials. Besides, a good grounding should be offered.
    Don’t expose color sorters to sunlight or light emitted from lighting equipment, so as to avoid its interference with light sources of color sorters.
  2. Unpacking and Inspection
    After receiving the machine, unpack it carefully to avoid any damage to it; check the quantity of parts according to the packing list and keep it safe.

The device should be placed on a railed or enclosed solid platform or a hard ground (with the platform around 2.0 m from the ground); packaging materials at the corners shouldn't be removed, and the installed machine should be leveled with a leveling instrument to adjust the levelness of the machine to 2/1000 mm or below; a passage of more than 50 cm on each side should be made so as to facilitate the operation, inspection and maintenance. According to actual applications on the scene, the feed inlet at the upper side should match the customers' feed pipes, and a flow control plate and a storage tank should be installed at the passageway; pay attention not to overlay feed tubes on feed hoppers so as to avoid vibration and adversely affect sorting results; two pipes should be installed at outlets to convey qualified goods and inferior goods obtained through first and secondary sorting operations respectively; users may need to install a lifter according to actual application on the scene by referring to the installation instructions.

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