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Color Sorter machine running

Good quality Infrared Optical Sorting Machine for sales
Good quality Infrared Optical Sorting Machine for sales
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Color Sorter machine running


This type of color sorter is kind of fine processingequipment for foodstuff, therefore it has high demand on the quality of selected material. The material is required to have been technically processed through screening, stone-removing, shelling, dust removing and polishing etc., otherwise it will contain too much impurities or dust, which may substantially influencethesortingefficiency. The machine had been adjusted and tested up to standards upon leaving the factory. Due to vibration during transportation, the adjusted value may be affected to some extent,the testing engineers from manufacture shall further adjust it according to the actualities of the site and the material selected by the user. After complete of such test and adjustment, any person is strictly prohibited to reassemble the machine, otherwise the lifespan of the machine and the normalfunctionsofwhichmaybebadlyaffected. 4.1PreparationWorkbeforeRunning
Thefollowingpreparationworkmustbedonebeforerunningthecolorsorter: 1.Checkifthereisanyforeignsubstanceinthehopper,ifyes,itshallbeclearedoff. 2.Turnontheair compressor,andwaituntil thepressure meterindicates0.6MPaor above(the maximum airpressureshouldbe0.8MPaatfirsttest).
Note----Each time before turning on the air compressor, the waste liquid in it shall be drainedup.
3.Checktheairpassage. ZL7 and ZL5 have been matched with two filters on both left and right side of color sorter. The filters are connected by soft pipe before leaving the factory.ZL3 is matched with 1 set of filter,seediagram5-1.  Checktheinletmonometer(1)is0.4MPaorabove,Ejectorworkingparameter(2) is 0.25~0.3MPa;If the air could not meet the above requirement, the color sorter will not working normally. If the air pressure for ejector is abnormal, please follow the instructions below to adjust: First of all pull down the regulating knob (Item 3 in Diagram 5-1)for the release of lock. Turn it clockwise for increasing pressure or counterclockwise for decreasing thepressure.AfterAdjustment,lockairregulatingknobbypushingitup.  Checkifthereisanyairleakageintheairpassage.Anyleakagecouldbesolveby tighten the adapter at the leakage position; Somehow the slight airflow at the ejector is normal;
 Check if the waste liquid in the air filter (4) (as shown in Diagram 5-1) has been automaticallydrainedupornot. 4.Check if there is any impurity on the vibrator trays, channels or the glass of the observation cabinet;ifyes,cleanitwithitwithairgunorclothbutneveruserhardarticlesforcleaning. Notes It is prohibited to wipe the channels with hard articles. Otherwise the surface of the channelsmaybeseriouslyhurtandsortingeffectwillbedamagedasaresult. 5.Confirmthepinsofthepowersupplyhavebeenproperlyplugged.

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