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color sorter Main machine structure

Good quality Infrared Optical Sorting Machine for sales
Good quality Infrared Optical Sorting Machine for sales
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color sorter Main machine structure

Diagram2-2 Main machine structure

1 .Vibrator 2.Channel 3 .Observation Cabinet 4.Ejector

5 .Receiving Hopper 6.Electronic box 7.Air passage 8.Frame

2.1 Oscillating Feeder Device--Vibrator

The vibrator conveys the materials to the chutes

through vibration. The output of the machine can

be controlled through adjusting the vibration of the

vibrator. DM6 composes of 6 vibrators (DM7

composes 7 vibrators, DM3 composes 3 vibrators). Diagram2-3 Vibrator


2.2 Material Accelerating Flow Down Device--Chute


The chute is the passage for the material to flow

down acceleratedely, and it rectifies the consistency

of distribution and falling speed of the material

before it enters the observation cabinet to ensure

the sorting performance. In order to avoid jumping

material,the front of each channel have setting device

to avoid jumping. The width of film should be by the

size of material. Diagram2-4 Chute


Notice----1. Use soft cloth only when cleaning the chutes. Do not use any sharp or hard

object otherwise the chutes surface might be scratched which might cause

Malfunction of the sorting.

2. The chutes should be carefully leveled when installation. Any person without

being trained should not disassemble the chutes.

color sorter Main machine structure


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