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Electrial installation for color sorter

Good quality Infrared Optical Sorting Machine for sales
Good quality Infrared Optical Sorting Machine for sales
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Electrial installation for color sorter

3.8 Electrical installation Warning----Forhumanandmachinesafety,pleaseabidebythefollowdirectives strictly: 1.Machineanditsaccessoriesmustbewellearthedtotheground. 2.Machineanditsaccessoriesmustusestandardairswitchforpower Supply,andmakesurethatthisairswitchisonlyusedformain machine. 3.Employprofessionaltechnicianforwiringofallequipmentbyusingstandard electricwire. ●InstallationofEarthRod One must choose high-quality material as earth rod, and keep the surroundings moist. The earth rod resistance should be checked after installation. With time passing by, the earth rod shouldbechangedtimelyincaseitgetsrusty. ●ConnectionbetweenEarthRodandEarthCable The best connecting way is to curl the earth cable to a ring, use nut and bolt to fix, the connectingJoint shouldbe anticorrosion sealed.Copperstrandedwire cable isusuallyusedas connectingcable,becauseofitssmallresistance.Itsuggestsusing6mmcoppercable.


●ConnectionwithMetallicPartsorMainMachine ● Connect earth cable with main machine, UPS or other facilities according to the way mentionedabove. 3.8.1 PowerSupplyfortheMainMachine ThecapacityofZL5is2.4kW, thecapacityof ZL3isl.8kW,thecapacityofZL7is3.5kW. One should prepare cubicle within 4.5M from the machine power supply inlet, the power supply is single-phase AC (50Hz+1%. 220V+10%). The machine should be connected with single-phase20Aairswitch(220V)directly. 3.8.2 PowerSupplyofAirCompressor It is better to install the air compressor at a place near the machine as soon as possible. And theaircompressoristobematchedwithathree-phase(380V)50Aairswitch. 3.8.3 PowerSupplyofElevator Tobematchedwithathree-phase(380V)10Aairswitchforonesetofelevator.

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