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How to choose ore optical sorting machine?

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Good quality Infrared Optical Sorting Machine for sales
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How to choose ore optical sorting machine?
How to choose ore optical sorting machine?
The optical sorting machine, also known as the color sorting machine, is a high-tech product integrating light, machine and electricity through the use of high-resolution sensors to separate out-color individuals from a large number of bulk materials. Optical sorting machine has been widely used in agriculture, food, mineral, pigment and chemical industries. With the continuous improvement of China's color sorter technology, in recent years, plastic color sorting machine, ore color sorting machine, glass color sorting machine, etc. The color sorter has also developed a number of products and put them into the market.

why it is necessary to use optical sorter for ore?
The ore optical sorting machine mainly separates and sorts the different frequencies or wavelengths of light waves reflected by different color materials between the qualified ore and the waste rock or the mineral to be separated.
On the one hand, there is no doubt that labor saving, time saving and high efficiency compared with manual selection simplify the beneficiation process and reduce the processing cost. Some studies have carried out the particle size analysis of the original ore, selected the preliminary test, and quoted the color sorter into the beneficiation process. The results show that the direct economic benefit of the mine reduces the labor cost by about 1.8 million yuan/year, and the indirect economic benefit reduces the cost of dressing treatment 2.29 million yuan / year, using color sorter for sorting, the waste rate increased by nearly 14%, and the qualified mineral grade increased by 16%. In 2015, a company in Guangxi introduced a ore sorting machine for the first time. The corresponding qualified grade of minerals was estimated to increase by about 13%, and the throwing rate was increased by about 10%.
How to choose ore optical sorting machine?
How to choose ore optical sorting machine?
How to choose ore optical sorting machine?
How to choose ore optical sorting machine?

On the other hand, many ores contain impurities, such as pure barite, which is white and shiny, and is often gray, light red, light yellow, etc. due to the influence of impurities and impurities. The ore color sorting machine works stably and has high output. According to the factors such as color and color, the ore is classified into grades, and the concentrate with high purity and uniform color can be screened to improve the grade and facilitate the rational use of resources.

how to choose ore color sorter?

Generally, the ore color sorting machine is composed of four parts, such as a feeding system, an irradiation and detection system, an information processing system, and a separation execution system, according to the structure of the functional machine. The stability of its performance directly affects the user's production and efficiency.

The working indicators of the color sorter mainly have three aspects: processing volume, sorting accuracy, and take-out ratio. These three indicators are integrated in daily production and are indispensable. They are all key indicators and must be examined at the same time.

The throughput is the amount of material that can be processed per hour. Factors affecting the amount of processing In addition to the configuration and structure of the color sorter identification system, an important factor is the specification. At the same time, the amount of treatment is closely related to the size of the raw materials and the proportion of impurities contained therein, as well as the required accuracy of the selection.

The selection rate refers to the percentage of impurities selected from the original grain as a percentage of the total amount of impurities contained, which is also called color selection accuracy. The factors affecting the selection rate are mainly determined by the type of flow and color sorter, ie performance.

In general, the CCD method is higher than the silicon photocell method, and the reselected structure is better than the single-selective structure. The selection rate of the color sorting machine with CCD sensor technology can reach more than 99%, and the ordinary color sorting machine with one color selection of the traditional sensor is difficult to reach the calibration index in actual production. In addition, the selection rate is high or low. It is also affected by the height of the ratio.

The take-out ratio refers to the ratio of the amount of impurities in the waste selected by the color sorter to the normal rice or grain. The height of the take-off ratio can be set, generally from 10:3 to 15:1. If the ratio is too high, it will affect the two factors: the selection rate and the treatment volume. If it is set too low, it will cause waste. If it is processed again, it will require a certain amount of manpower and material resources, which will cause a lot of trouble and Economic losses.

In addition, equipment failure rate, after-sales service, price, etc. should also be factors that should be considered when selecting ore color sorters.
The need to pay attention to the application of ore color sorter

In response to market changes, China's color sorter development is also making progress. Various companies have conducted extensive and continuous research on color sorters. From optoelectronic (analog) technology, CCD (digital) technology applications, to intelligent color sorter cloud technology and IoT technology research and application, color sorter technology and applications have been constantly updated.

In the application of ore color sorter, it may encounter performance instability, frequent maintenance and re-commissioning problems, mostly due to the low stability of the optical system consisting of the light source, background and imaging system of the color sorter, especially It is a device that uses a simple optical system.

In addition, there are many dusts and dusts in the application environment, vibration and interference are also large, and temperature changes will affect the working state of the color sorter, resulting in a change in the detection signal or controlling the delay time of the high-pressure valve opening. Affects the accuracy of the blown action of the impurities. In addition, the matching degree of the process, material problems, etc. will have an impact on the effect of color selection.

Fourth, the future ore color sorter

On the basis of independent innovation, the color sorter industry needs to make breakthroughs in the following aspects:

(1) Application of new light source and application of hybrid light source; research and development of better spray valve, increase productivity while reducing take-up ratio, adapt to color selection of more products; increase research on signal processing and control technology of CCD color sorter To solve the problem of randomness and multi-channel of CCD color sorter.

(2) Applying a new high-speed ultra-large-scale microprocessor, embedding more recognition algorithms to improve the practicability of the system;

(3) With "Internet +" as a tool, we will vigorously improve the construction of the big data cloud system platform, equipped with fault diagnosis and Internet communication functions, and can seek help from the enterprise after-sales service in real time in case of failure, requesting technical guidance. To realize the intelligent and remote intelligent operation of color selection operation, and bring unlimited value-added business information to customers through scientific and effective analysis.


In the entire ore field, if you want to improve product quality, you should choose a good ore color sorter. Ore color sorting machines have been widely used in the ore field, but most of the manufacturers' ore color sorting machines are based on the previous grain color sorting machine. In general, when selecting the ore color sorter, it is necessary to focus on the advancement of the technical performance of the color sorter, the reliability of the equipment quality, and the long-term stability of the use, and should be comprehensively consulted and widely compared.

Foreign brand color sorting machines, due to high prices and many other reasons, the market is shrinking, which creates a very good opportunity for China to break the monopoly of foreign markets. With the support of the color sorting machine industry and the improvement of technology, China's optical sorting machine The road to the industry will be wider and wider.
Now Zhongke ore optical sorting machines are widely in mineral application.

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