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Optical sorting solution for wheat

Good quality Infrared Optical Sorting Machine for sales
Good quality Infrared Optical Sorting Machine for sales
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Optical sorting solution for wheat
Optical sorting solution for wheat


China's wheat is the main food crop after rice in terms of planting area and yield. China's total wheat output is about 70 billion kg, accounting for about 20% of the country's total grain output. As an important national grain storage and storage material, the development of the wheat industry is directly related to national food security and social stability.


In the 2018 new season wheat acquisition, new wheat in Henan, Anhui and other places suffered from low-temperature freezing damage and rainwater superimposed damage. The large-scale outbreak of wheat scab in the Yangtze-Huaihe River Basin affected the market nerve.

Recently, many places have encountered heavy winds and rainy weather, and wheat has been spotted. Wheat lodging not only makes the harvester difficult to harvest, but also may lead to reduced wheat production, and it is easy to cause diseases such as powdery mildew, rust, scab, sheath blight, etc.

Judging from the current growth of wheat, the yield of ‘too many disasters’ wheat will drop and the quality will be uneven.

How to guarantee the quality of the national grain storage?

Zhongke Wheat Optical Sorter Machine will offer you perfect answer.

Zhongke Optoelectronics has many years of experience in the cooperation of grain storage, aiming at wheat quality deviation and non-conformity. In the wheat pretreatment process, Wheat Optical Sorter Machine has mature color selection technology, which accurately removes wheat scab and is imperfect. Granules, impurities, etc., with low ratio, high precision, and create the best output efficiency.


optical sorter for wheat


The advantage of Zhongke Optical Sorter Machine


1,Remote control

2,Multi function,could sort many different type of material

3,Big production capacity with high accuracy

4,Visial analisis

5,optical sorting with shape and size sorting at the same time

6,Local service

optical sorter


optical sortiing for wheat

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