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optical system

Good quality Infrared Optical Sorting Machine for sales
Good quality Infrared Optical Sorting Machine for sales
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optical system

2.3 0ptical System-Observation Cabinet


It is the device for detecting and sorting material

which composes of lamps, background adjustment

apparatus, CCD camera and dust wiper. Observe

selected material on its flowing point by various

cameras, then reflect the material signals to

processing system correctly to separate accepts and

rejects. And the wiper gets rid of dust automatically

at preset time so that the sorting will not be interfered Diagram2-50bservationcabinet

at preset time so that the sorting will not be interfered

By dust.


2.4 Ejector System-Ejector

After optical system identifies the rejects, the

ejector will eject compressed air to blow them off.


2.5 Receptacle Device-Receptacle Diagram2-6 Ejector


When the raw material only needs

To be sorted once, the receptacle is

divided into front cavity middle

cavity and rear cavity to receive

rejects,accepts and middle material

(back to raw material) respectively. Diagram2-7 Receptacle


When the second sorting is needed,

each cavity of the receptacle will be

divided into two cavities by a partition plate, likewise when the third sorting is needed, each cavity will be divided into three plates.

There is one row of dust collecting outlets in front of the receptacle (it seems like 4 rows of receptacles but actually the first row is for dust absorption), whose pipe size is

150mmX60mm. Users need to prepare the dust absorption system by yourselves. The air volume requirement: total air volume>690m3/h, minimum wind speed 18m/s. The parameters can be adjusted according to reality.

Notice----The duct pipe inside the receptacle shall be connected with dust sucking

system by user to suck away the dust inside the cylinder. Otherwise, it may

affect the sorting performance and the cylinder's lifetime. The dust pipe must

be connected with conducting material, and make sure it is well earthed.


2.6 Control Device-Electric Box

It is a totally sealed box and contains a control system mainly consisting of microcomputer and FPGA system. As the control center of the machine, this system automatically collects, amplifies and disposes the electronic signals and then gives orders through the control parts wherein to drive the ejectors, which shall burst forth compressed air to blow out the rejects, so the sorting process has been completed and the purpose of choice has been achieved.

The electric control parts are endowed with functions of sensitivity (sorting accuracy)

regulation, flow regulation, fault self-detecting and timing regulation for automatic wiper etc.


2.7 Air Passage System

Located in the left and right sides of the machine,

they supply clean compressed air to the machine.


optical system

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