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Good quality Infrared Optical Sorting Machine for sales
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Ore sorter
Ore sorter


Color sorter, a word that many people are not familiar with, however, it plays a vital role in many industries. Looking at the history of the development of color sorting machines, it is also a history of the continuous growth of China's science and technology and independent innovation. From traditional optoelectronic technology, CCD technology, infrared technology to X-ray technology, color sorter technology has been constantly adapting and promoting the development of industry and agriculture.
Of course, such as the law of the development of all things in the event. There is a need first, and then there is a demand. The initial agricultural demand gave birth to rice and miscellaneous grain color sorting machines, and then the tea and dehydrated vegetable color sorting machines gradually entered the public eye. Nowadays, with the continuous development and expansion of the ore industry, mining technology and equipment are beginning to face even greater challenges – improving ore precision and purity. The ore color sorter came into being.
China is a big resource country and a big consumer. Especially for mining resources, low utilization, low grade and low production efficiency. As a result, one has formed a strange circle that is difficult to break through: the overall demand is large, and the waste is greater. So reciprocating, the consequences are hard to think.
Under such a development environment of the ore industry, Zhongke assembled professional talents from the company's technology and R&D departments, invested a lot of material resources, entered the mine, and entered the production site of color sorting machines in various countries around the world. Three years of research and development, more than ten prototypes of product prototypes, and finally developed a high-yield, high-reliability ore color sorter.
When it comes to this ore color sorter from Zhongke Optoelectronics, it has five major advantages that have to be said:
(1) Feeding device. Abandoning the traditional vibration principle to feed, this ore color sorting machine adopts a long-order vibration structure, with reasonable vibration angle and effective vibration frequency. After many tests, its reasonable feeding mode not only greatly increases the output. And improved the color selection effect.
(2) Material transfer device. Subverting the traditional way (waterfall, crawler type), it does not need to change the trough and belt, it is more stable and secure.
(3) Optical sorting device. The long-distance high-definition camera can be used for large-distance shooting, which can make the shooting area have a large dust area, effectively solve the problem of production cleaning time, improve production efficiency, and greatly increase the output.
(4) Light source device. The independent light box processing method enables the light in the large dust area to clean the dust without stopping the machine, which is suitable for the production of the line.
(5) Drive unit. The same traditional pneumatic type, but the use of a larger gas injection valve, powerful blowing parts can ensure that the material within 100mm can be color-selected, thereby greatly increasing the output.
There is no doubt that the ore color sorter produced by Zhongke is a leap in the ore color sorting machine and the mining industry. Not only does it have the genes of traditional color sorters, but it also has a design leap on the issue of ore color selection. It is believed that in the near future, it will surely lead the domestic color sorter to a new historical stage and become a long-term topic in the color sorting machine industry.

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