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power supply for color sorter machine

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Good quality Infrared Optical Sorting Machine for sales
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power supply for color sorter machine

3.1.3 Requirement of color sorter machine Power Supply

1. Input voltage rating range:180~240V, 50Hz, single phase;

Limited voltage range:180~265V, 47~53Hz;

Voltage fluctuation should be between 180~265V, otherwise it will cause the abnormity or

damage of the machine; Power supply should be clean without electrical spark.

2. Total power consumption :

DM-2 : 1.4kW,

DM-4 : 2.1kW,

DM-6 : 4.0kW.

● Prevention of unsteady voltage

In order to make sure color sorter stable use, preventive measures below are


1. Install a high-quality AC power regulator which meet the power requirement of machine

running between power supply and color sorter

2. For the security of electricity providing and reliability of machine operation, high quality

grounding connection is required. Grounding resistance should be as low as possible and should be less than 0.1 0hm. Every machine or machine group must have dedicated


● In order to make good grounding, following conditions are required:

1. Install effective grounding pole, and well connect grounding pole and ground wire.

2. Use low resistance grounding wire, and well connect grounding and machine.

3. A11 parts of machine should be well ground as well as AC regulator

4. Grounding cable should be isolated from Zero line of power supply


3.1.4 Requirement of Compressed Air

● Requirement of air pressure

1. The air inlet of the machine should be kept between 0.4-0.8 Mpa. It will affect the sorting accuracy if it is too low ,or it will damage the machine if it is too high.

2. Working air pressure during machine running must be between 0.2~0.4 MPa, lower than 0.2 would affect the sorting accuracy, higher than 0.4 will do damage to ejectors

● Requirement of air supply location

Theoretically the compressed air supply should be connected to the color sorter at a least distance, but considering the reality, please do as explained in section 4.8 in this chapter.


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