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preparation for color sorter installation

Good quality Infrared Optical Sorting Machine for sales
Good quality Infrared Optical Sorting Machine for sales
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preparation for color sorter installation

3.1 Preparation Work Before Installation

We suggest that make adjustment of the installation site as required below before machine installation in order to avoid problems


3.1.1 Requirement of Installation Location

Requirement of site and environment

1.The machine must be installed on a level surface. If additional support brackets are

installed, they should be located according to the position of machine feet and fixed by

set screws. No ground shaking should occur at installation site.

2. Installation should be made in well-ventilated places rather than places of low or high temperature, or with high humidity or many particulate matters.

3. Prevent it from interference of strong electromagnetism on site or in the vicinity,such as electric welding, high frequency transmitters etc.

4. Color sorter must have good grounding to avoid static electric. The material inlet and

outlet that connect to the machine should make of metal and be well grounded, same as the dust sucking pipe.

5. AII welding work at the site should be finished before installing the machine.

Requirement of light

Don't expose the machine to sunlight or light emitted from lighting equipment. But enough light for machine operation and maintenance is required.

Requirement of maintenance space

There should be enough space around the machine in order to facilitate the operation and the maintenance or inspection (for details please refer to the diagram4-3 0f the top view of the machine installation), especially in front and rear. It is very important to leave enough space for replacing lamps as well as maintaining the components in the electric box.

In terms of receptacle, sufficient space should be left to ensure disassembling of receptacles of accepted and rejected material. At the same time, special attention should be paid on leaving sufficient space to meet the maintenance requirements of ejectors.

Note---Enough space for unpacking and assembling machine and for

lifting device operation is required temporarily.


3.1.2 Requirement of Electric Installation

1. A qualified electrician should ensure right connection of all air supply and power supply, and to make sure the machine is well earthed;

2. Basic grounding (in the location of power supply inlet) should be high-quality and pure electric grounding;

3. All parts of the machine should be grounded independently or by connecting to the machine frame. The material inlet and outlet, dust sucking pipe that supplied by the user should be made of metal and be grounded separately from the machine body;

4. Any conductor or devices near the machine should be earthed;

5. Grounding connection should not use any live conductor (such as grounding zero line).

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