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Unpacking for the color sorter machine

Good quality Infrared Optical Sorting Machine for sales
Good quality Infrared Optical Sorting Machine for sales
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Unpacking for the color sorter machine

 Unpacking Inspection and Lifting

Warning----For human and machine safety consideration, please follow the instructions

below strictly:

1. Lifting work should be carried out by professionals, and others not involved in this work should leave the site.

2. Make sure that vibrators have been taken off from the machine before lifting. It is prohibited to lift the machine with vibrators on.

3. The machine weighs 1330 Kg (DM7 weights 1650kg, DM3 weights 940kg), please use elevator that could bear this weight.

After receiving the machine, unpack it carefully to avoid unnecessary damage to the components, check all the spare parts according to the packing list.

Main machine hoisting steps, please follow Diagram4-I :

Warning-Please use the lifting tackle supplied with the machine, otherwise in might cause human injury or machine damage; customer should take all the responsibilities if using other lifting tackle.

1. Loosen the M8 screw at booth sides of the hoisting beam of the machine

2. Lifting the machine by lifting equipment, replace the four screws at the bottom of the

machine by hoof joints.

3. Move and locate the machine to the working site. Arrange the hoof joints to the height that you need. You can use the leveling gauge to adjust the levelness of the machine and lockdown each hoof joint.

4. Remove the lifting tackle and keep it properly for usage next time



3.3 Installation Diagram

Note----1. Please locate the machine on solid platform, and fix 4 hoof joints of the

machine onto it as well, lock all hoof joints to make sure the machine is level

and stable.

2. No vibration on the ground and no electromagnetic interference on

installation site.

3. Protect the chutes and touch panel from sparks of welding when installing

the machine.

Take re-sorting as an example to introduce installation of the machine. The material inlet and outlet pipes arrangement.

The diagram shows that the material is supplied from the inlet hopper and feeder then flow down into the machine for primary sorting, the accepts where from is the end product. Then the rejects resulted from primary sorting shall be conveyed to the secondary sorting inlet by lifting device for re-sorting. The accepts from the secondary sorting and middle material from primary sorting will be either put together into the raw material or returned by the lifting device for primary sorting again. The rejects from resorting is waste.

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